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      From: Travelodge (Gatwick Airport), W Sussex
      To: Hotel Continental, Harwich, Essex Tel: 01255551298
      Total Distance:108.1 miles
      Total Time:1 hr 58 min
Acc. Dist Route Directions
0.0 0.0 Uncl. Travelodge (Gatwick Airport), WSusssex
Leave in a southerly direction unclassified
0.2 0.2 A23

Junction with A23
At roundabout take 1st exit A23 (signposted London)

0.9 0.7 A23 Gatwick Road Roundabout
At roundabout take 2nd exit
1.8 0.9 A23 Road Tunnel
Shortly branch left (signposted Gatwick) then at roundabout take 1st exit (signposted London, Brighton M23)
2.5 0.7 M23 spur Junction with M23spur
At roundabout take 1st exit (signposted London) to join Motorway M23 Spur
3.4 0.9 M23 Junction 9 At roundabout take 1st exit
11.1 7.7 M25 Junction 8 (M25)
Branch left and follow signs Dartford to join M25 TRAFFIC BLACKSPOT - CALL 401 100 from your mobile*
18.7 7.6 M25

In 3.1 miles take left-hand lane

23.5 4.8 M25 Junction 5 (M26)
Branch left to continue on M25 (signposted Dartford Crossing, Stansted Airport M11)
35.1 11.6 A282 Junction 2 (A2/A282) (Darenth Interchange)
Keep forward A282 (signposted Dartford Crossing)
37.3 2.2 A282 Dartford Tunnel Tollbooths
Take right-hand lanes approaching tollbooths (Cars 1, Caravan/Trailer 2)then take right-hand tunnel
38.5 1.2 M25 Tunnel exit
In 0.9 mile forward to cross flyover (signposted Stansted Airport M11)then keep forward to join Motorway M25
48.9 10.4 A12 Junction 28 (A12/A1023) Leave Motorway (signposted Chelmsford) and at roundabout take 3rd exit A12
58.5 9.6 A12 Junction with A414/B1002
Forward (signposted Colchester) into Chelmsford Bypass
75.1 16.6 A12 Rivenhall End
78.9 3.8 A12 Road merges from left
79.4 0.5 A12 Travelodge (Feering Colchester)
84.4 5.0 A12 Junction with A1124
Forward then take right-hand lanes (signposted Ipswich)
85.3 0.9 A12 Junction for Colchester
Central Keep forward
89.6 4.3 A120 Junction with A120
Branch left A120 (signposted Harwich)
99.6 10.0 A120 Horsley Cross ("Cross Inn public house") at roundabout take 2nd exit
105.7 6.1 A120 Ramsey Junction (Junction with B1352) At roundabout take 2nd exit
107.7 2.0 Uncl. Parkeston Roundabout
At roundabout take 4th exit unclassified (signposted Dovercourt)
      Upper Dovercourt
Mini roundabout take the right exit, 300m turn left into Fronks Road at the memorial.
      Fronks Road
Continue along this road mile until you see the sea, the Hotel Continental is on the left, you can park safely on the right hand side of the road.